Michiyo pic
Kanji ミチヨ
Romaji Michiyo
Personal Information
Species Earthling
Status Alive (presumably)
Age 14 (presumably)
Gender Female
Professional Information
First Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 1.1 (flashback)
Anime Debut Episode 1

Michiyo (ミチヨ Michiyo?) is a childhood friend of Chuuta Kokonose. She was one of his friends presumed dead in the Mount Taketori incident, only to be revealed by Ken Mizoguchi that she is alive and in some other part of the universe.

Appearance Edit

As a young girl. she had reddish hair tied up into twintails with pink hair ties.

Plot Edit

Season 2 Edit

  • Seven years ago, a month before the Mount Taketori incident, Chuuta, Michiyo, Matsutarou, and Gucchi gathered near a shrine to give going-away presents to Gucchi, who was about to move away; Michiyo gave him a jewelled box; she was shocked when Gucchi revealed that he wasn't going to move away after all and wanted her gift back; when Chuuta suggested that they make a time capsule out of the gifts and put it in her box, she got excited; the others told Gucchi to put something in as well, and he decided to put in a photo of the four of them that his mom took, but Michiyo thought it wasn't as good as their gifts; the items were put into the box and they raced off to find a shovel to bury the box at the red torii
  • Appears in present day Chuuta's flashback of his friends falling from the cliff when Drew mentions his missing friends when talking about how much he's changed, since he's not running his past as much anymore
  • Appears in another flashback when Chuuta is thinking about how if he made the right decision, he could've saved his friends

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