This is a list of the planets mentioned or seen in ēlDLIVE, listed in alphabetical order.

A-G Edit

Douni (ドゥニ Douni?)


Earth (地球 Chikyuu?)

The planet that Chuuta Kokonose comes from and lives on. He goes to school here along with Misuzu Sonokata, Veronica Borowczyk, Nina Mihailovna Pavlova, and Dr. Love.

Fura (フラー Furaa?)

The planet where Ken Mizoguchi was killed and where Heavensider made its first appearance.

H-N Edit

Habato (ハバト Habato?)

The planet that Chips comes from.

Leedo (リイド Riido?)

The planet that Dahli Lime comes from.

O-T Edit

Ribousu (リボウス Ribousu?)


Ros (ロス Rosu?)

Maclane compares Chips' SPH scent to the odor of Ros' fruits.

Shabrol (シャブロール Shaburoru?)

The planet Bocha is from.

Sukou (スコウ Sukou?)

The planet where Demille stored the Mother they stole.

U-Z Edit

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