Chapter 7.1
Title Something Missing III Chapter 1
in Kanji カケテイルモノIII 1話
in Rōmaji Kaketeirumono 1-wa
Volume 7
Overall Chapter # 37
Release Date July 4, 2016
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Something Missing III Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Season 7 and the thirty-seventh chapter of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

The CID prepare to blow up the transfer room and send the ship away from the Solar System so that Heavensider will be unable escape from Earth. They then transfer down to Earth.

They land on Earth in front of two people who mistake them for cosplayers and leave. Everyone is relieved to be on Earth after spending so much time in space. Madigan gets a message from someone through his headphones. He tells everyone that they will start training tomorrow and to get some rest, confusing everyone since they thought they were going to chase Heavensider. He tells them that since Heavensider is scattered around Earth, and that he killed the source of the infection, they don't have to make any big moves soon. When asked how he got this information, he replied that he got it from his informant, who they might meet one day. When Veronica tries to protest, he tells them that they are all weak and they'd all be killed if they stayed like that. He then leaves. The rest grudgingly admit he's right. They notice that Ninotchka's already asleep, relieved that there's a way to bring everyone back. They decide to eat and change their clothes at the Earth branch. Chuuta will go home and sleep while Misuzu and Chips will go to a hotel so that Division 5 can sleep in the branch.

As Chuuta and Misuzu are walking together, Chips mentions that Madigan's training is very harsh, scaring Chuuta, but Misuzu doesn't care if it could help her revive everyone. This causes Chuuta to feel guilty about his lie. When they are about to part ways, Misuzu discovers that she forgot her wallet at the station. This causes Chuuta to remember that he also left his backpack at the station. Since she didn't have money to pay for the hotel, Misuzu decides to sleep outside. This causes Chips to freak out, since he had been looking forward to finally sleeping in a bed and drinking tea. She tells him that he could seep at the Earth branch if he wants, but he says that he wouldn't be able to sleep knowing she's sleeping out in the open. Chuuta and Dolugh guess that Chips is releasing his pent-up stress.

Chuuta arrives home. He had called ahead to tell his aunt that he had been playing at Tateyan's house, but thinks that she probably knows that isn't true by now. However, when Mimi opens the door, she asked him how was the "game camp" at Tateyan's house. Apparently, she called Tateyan, who backed up Chuuta's story. Mimi notices a silhouette next to Chuuta and thinks it's Tateyan walking Chuuta home. It actually turns out to be Misuzu, who introduces herself. Chuuta asks if she could stay with them, shocking Mimi.

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