Chapter 5.2
Title Something Missing Chapter 2
in Kanji カケテイルモノ 2話
in Rōmaji Kaketeirumono 2-wa
Volume 5
Overall Chapter # 26
Release Date August 17, 2015
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Something Missing Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Season 5 and the twenty-sixth chapter of ēlDLIVE.

Summary Edit

Chuuta, Misuzu, and Chips run off to chase after the suspect while Virgil stays behind to use his SPH to disrupt the cameras. Ahead of them, the Scanerian suspect's body seems about to burst before another explosion occured. According to Chips, when Scanerians have allergic reactions they come into contact with Earth's anesthesia, causing their skin to burst. Division 2 is given permission by Riggs to use their SPH in public. Chuuta and Dolugh use their wings to catch up to the Scanerian, and Misuzu transforms into her combat suit to that as well. They run into the group of people that were injured from the explosion earlier. To Chuuta's surprise, Misuzu volunteers to stay behind to treat the victim and tells Chuuta to go after the suspect. Riggs calls in to say that he's sending Division 5 for back up.

Veronica and Ninotchka are transferred to the top of a building. Veronica goes to catch up with Chuuta, while Ninotchka stays behind to navigate.

Veronica finds Chuuta to give him a syringe from Professor Isaac to stop the Scanerian's allergic reaction, before running off with her own. She sees him enter a jewelry store and follows him in. She tells him to surrender, but another explosion occurs, and he escapes again. Veronica spots a box full of jewelry and recalls someone proposing to make her their comrade. Chuuta comes in and breaks her out of her thoughts.

He runs after the Scanerian and yells at him to surrender. The Scanerian shouts back that he was framed, and that if he comes any closer he'll involve more civilians. Dolugh thinks that it'd be nice if a hole suddenly appeared before the Scanerian to fall into so he wouldn't cause anymore damage. Misuzu shows up in the sky and uses her SPH to create a crater, causing him to fall into it. A woman nearby asks him if he's okay, and he uses this chance to drag her in with his hair, but not before Veronica uses her SPH to it off. More people gathered to the crater, and just before he is about to cause another explosion, Ninotchka uses her SPH to contain him. In the aftermath, Dolugh injects the syringe into his neck while Chuuta handcuffs him.

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