Chapter 2.6
2.6 cover
Title Pursuer from the Past 6
in Kanji 過去からの追撃者 6
in Rōmaji Kako kara no Tsuigeki-sha 6
Volume 2
Overall Chapter # 9
Release Date January 4, 2014
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Pursuer From The Past 6 is the sixth and final chapter of Season 2 of élDLIVE.

Summary Edit

After going to the cemetery, Chuuta returns to the station to meet with Laine. Laine asks him if he still wants to be an élDLIVE officer after current events (his best friend being a Demille officer, Dolugh being Demille's target), but Chuuta shows that he's willing to stay in the job. Laine wants to talk to Chuuta about something concerning him, but is interrupted by Beralgo. Beralgo says that he's relieved to be leaving tomorrow, but not before reaching his goal.

Chuuta leaves right after Beralgo appears, and spots Misuzu eating in the cafeteria. He asks her to teach him how to write a report as Laine wanted him to compile one, and she surprisingly agrees. While she teaches him, he asks her why she pretended to be asleep for most of the fight instead of waking up immediately and fighting the two transfer students, and she replies that it's because she wanted to be taken to their leader, and that she wanted to test him while he was talking to Gucchi to see if he'll give in. Chuuta gets angry, but Misuzu tells him that he did well and she's reconsidering her opinion of him. She then hands him a drive containing files about the incident at Mount Taketori, which was classified as a space incident and concerned élDLIVE. She's giving him the file because she thinks he deserves to know about his own past. Chuuta guesses that this was what Laine wanted to talk to him about, and he feels gratitude towards Misuzu for doing something like this for him.

Suddenly, abright line shines through the window of the cafeteria, with a voice shouting for them not to move. It turns out to be Beralgo and his men arresting Misuzu for being a suspect in freeing Dragrain. Misuzu and Chuuta are confused, and even more so when Beralgo shows them footage from the prison camera showing Misuzu cutting Dragrain's prison's bars with her SPH while she was giving Chuuta a tour before. Misuzu protests, but she is stunned with a SPH weapon before she can say anything. Chuuta is furious, especially when he sees her fall to the ground. He tries to get closer, but is threatened by with arrest by Beralgo. They handcuff her and take her away. Chuuta, desperate, thinks to himself that there must be a mistake.

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