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Note: This wiki contains unmarked spoilers, so read with caution!

Welcome to the élDLIVE Wiki!
Rebo to Dlive 130-131

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Welcome to the Wiki-wordmark Wiki! This wiki is a community dedicated to the manga series, élDLIVE, written by author, Akira Amano. Feel free to contribute; post images, update character pages, add categories, videos and more. We do NOT have a Manual of Style, because the rules should be straightforward. Any queries, check character or alternate pages for help. If you are still unsure, contact an administrator.

We currently have 2,988 edits to 124 articles and 254 images on this wiki.

Chuuta Kokonose is a middle school student with one strange quirk: he talks to a mysterious voice that only he can hear. One day, a strange blue creature comes out of nowhere and tells him that he has been recruited into the space police élDLIVE. Will he be able to survive in his dangerous new job, get along with his eccentric coworkers (one of which is his aloof classmate, Misuzu Sonokata, who he might have a crush on) and perhaps find out what exactly is the "voice"?


Latest Chapter
Season 8: Something Missing IV Chapter 3

Chuuta came out on top in his battle against Madigan, but no one could celebrate as they gaze at his remains, his last words about defeating Heaven Sider echoing in their heads. Luzin reveals to them the nature of the relationship between Madigan and Glock, and how Madigan became the way he was. Meanwhile at headquarters, an unexpected someone appears before Laine, Dr. Love, and Taro!



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