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ēlDLIVE (エルドライブ, Erudoraibu?) is an anime adaptation of the manga by Akira Amano. It is animated by Studio Pierrot and started airing on January 8, 2017 on the channels Tokyo MX, Fukuoka Broadcasting, Yomiuri TV, Sapporo TV, Chukyo TV, and BS11.[1][2]

The opening theme is Our sympathy by Alfakyun, and the ending theme is Kimi no koe ga... by The Super Ball.[3] The first episode had an advance screening on December 11, 2016. Crunchyroll has announced that they will be streaming the series with English subs.[4]Funimation will stream the anime with an English dub. [5]

Plot Edit

Middle school student Chuta Kokonose has heard a voice in his head ever since he can remember. When a strange creature recruits him to the space police force, he learns that the source of the voice is a Monitalien, a symbiotic creature who is living inside his body! Now Chuta must prove his mettle to his cold-hearted coworker, Misuzu, and the rest of the department by protecting the universe from otherworldly criminals.[6]

Staff Edit

  • Animation Studio: Studio Pierrot
  • Director: Takeshi Furuta
  • Assistant Director: Tomoya Tanaka
  • Series Composition: Toshimitsu Takeuchi
  • Character Design/Chief Animation Director: Seung Ah Han
  • Sub-character Designer: Keiichirou Matsui
  • Art Director: Seiki Tamura
  • Art Setting: Yuuho Taniuchi
  • Color Design: Yukiko Kakita
  • Editing: Kumiko Sakamoto
  • Director of Photography: Yuuichirou Nagada
  • CG Director: Youhei Miyahara
  • Monitor Graphics: Kaori Seki
  • Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera
  • Music: Yasuharu Takanashi
  • Sound Direction: Half H P Studio

Cast Edit

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References Edit

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